The Brighton & Hove Russian Choir promotes a wide range of music from Russia. Original arrangements by the choir leader include traditional lyrical and epic songs, ritual calendar music for pagan holidays, wedding songs, dance songs and other folklore. Another part of the repertoire is Art Songs (Romances) from the 18th-19th centuries (much loved by native Russians). as well as classical pieces by Russian composers. We perform several times a year at various festivals and events and also present our own concerts. As well as local performances we also participate in occasional events in London and the south-east, including some prestigious events arranged by the London Russian community.

Everything is sung in Russian but we carefully translate the texts and talk about the history and context of each piece. Cyrillic script, transliteration and translation are all available as well as musical scores. The group brings together music lovers of all backgrounds and singing levels with or without any knowledge of Russian language and culture.

Joint First Prize winner of the 9th UK Russian Song Festival (Ensembles Section) 2018, and of other similar competitions in 2013 and 2010.

The choir is open to all and always welcomes new members.

After all the lockdowns and restrictions related to Covid-19 we are starting to meet again from 14th September in a central Brighton venue. Contact the choir administrator for further details (see contact page).

To be directly informed about the resumption of choir sessions, please contact us via our contact page
            or         for the London Russian Choir

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