150 Voices

2 continents – 5 choirs – 150 voices

The Brighton & Hove Russian Choir took part in an amazing international project – 150 Voices: five choirs in London and Brighton & Hove, UK, and Boston, USA, brought together by our choir leader Polina Shepherd with her colleague, a New York based singer Lorin Sklamberg (New York).

Together we explore the connection between Russian and Yiddish songs, songs of the Steppes and the Shtetl. These folk and art songs, arranged specifically for this project, and newly composed originals, can be heard on the CD that was published in July 2020.

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Listen to CD song samples here

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In 2019 the British Library issued a grant to preserve music being made in the UK but that originally comes from elsewhere. In August 2019 a Brighton based organisation BestFoot Music made a recording of four Brighton and London choirs led by Polina, both Yiddish and Russian, joined by Lorin and Polina singing as a duo.

This session will be included in the British Library archive.

To make this into a full CD, Lorin and Polina recorded a few songs as a duo in New York – their usual folk, art and original songs from the two cultures. They also went to Boston where an 80 strong voice choir A Besere Velt recorded another four songs for the programme.