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CORONAVIRUS AND THE CHOIR: The current government policy (July 2020) is that amateur choirs are not allowed to rehearse together indoors and we have no news as to when our meeting venue will be open for bookings again.  However, do please contact the choir administrator (see below) and we will then let you know as soon as we are back in business…


The choir is open to all backgrounds and singing levels and you can join any time. Knowledge of Russian is not essential but non-Russian speakers would be expected to have some interest in learning about Russian culture. Sheet music is made available with cyrillic text, transliterations for non-Russian speakers, and translations. Music is taught by ear with sheet music and also with language pronunciation.


The choir meets in a venue very near to Hove railway station served by the number 7 bus, a frequent service that passes through central Brighton.

Please contact the choir administrator to get details.


We meet on Tuesdays 7–9 pm weekly, with summer and winter breaks plus occasional performances.


First ‘taster’ session  £5.  Fee for 10 sessions (based on £6 per session) is £60, payable up front (pro rata if joining part way through a block of 10).

Contact choir administrator

Contact choir leader Polina Shepherd

4 Responses to joining the choir

  1. Hi Polina

    I so much enjoyed your concert last Saturday with Judith.

    I would love to join your Russian choir but as I sing with another choir on Mondays, and I have committed to performing with them at Whispering Woods and the urban version after, it wont be till November’ish. I will contact you nearer the time.

    Singing in Russian would put me way outside my comfort zone, which is where I like to be (some of the time)!

    Thanks again for sharing your musical talent with us.

    Kind regards


  2. Darina says:

    Hi Polina,
    Iam very interested in joining your choir.
    Probably you are still in summer break.
    Please, if you can let me know when is your next session,so I can come and meet you.
    Best wishes,
    Darina Kirova

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